Characteristics of a Good Driving Instructor



It takes a good school of thought to facilitate proper learning and that includes learning a practical skill such as driving. To make sure that you learn and learn the right way, you must scout your driving instructors well. As a guide, we give you some good qualities to look for.

Friendly yet professional


Let’s face it. Doing one-on-one tutorial on how to drive and do so well enough to keep you and other motorists safe is a people-oriented task. That makes it crucial for driving instructors to know how to deal comfortably with people, all of them. You will know you are dealing with a good candidate if you see an accommodating aura that says something like, “don’t worry, I’m here to teach you, not to frighten you.” Yet, you still sense professionalism. Good instructors know when to draw the line between a respectable customer care representative and a strict, straightforward instructor who doesn’t want to be lost in translation.

Honest and trustworthy

With driving instructors, it is your life and safety on the road that’s on the line. That’s why you cannot allow your judgment to fail. A good personnel to teach you learn the ins and outs of driving is someone who is trustworthy. He must also be honest and would not mince words to tell you about your progress and what else you need to remember once you are on your own.


A good percentage of learning to drive is accounted on focus. If you want to develop your own mantra once the wheel is in your hands, the person guiding you shall be paying close enough attention to make you learn hard.

Driving is not a basic skill. It involves many things other than just knowing how to control the wheels while the car is in motion. Before you enroll in a driving school, do your research first. You have to examine the qualities of the instructors before you can decide if you are going for a good choice.

There are many schools to choose from and the qualities of the instructor matter to make sure that your investment to learn how to drive is worth it. Scout the best driving schools in Sydney and choose among which one is the best based on character and your own timetable how soon you want to learn and what schedule will fit into yours. You see, enlisting in a driving academy takes more than just a budget. It requires your patience and persistence as well.

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