Landscaping Designing in Sydney – Heading Towards Good Direction

Landscaping and landscape designing plays an important role in the aesthetic and management of an environment. Sydney is particularly famous for its beautiful and well-planned landscaping and its landscape design is a result of collaborative and creative interactions of human factors and nature.

Landscaping design in Sydney

landscape_garden2Sydney’s parks and green spaces, gardens and large estates are testimonies of Sydney’s landscaping artists’ dedicated and outstanding works. Each landscaping design denotes specific purpose such as softening spaces between buildings or providing routes for people and animals as well as space for recreational activities. It is also for improvements to the environment and people’s well-being. Distinctive Sydney’s landscape design also gives value to many Sydney properties.

Soft and hard landscaping

Soft landscaping is landscaping that involves plant life. It makes use of trees, flowering plants and shrubs and groundcovers such as grass and pathways. Most of the time, this type of landscaping is of low maintenance and cared to stay in good order. A  Sydney landscape architect devotes consideration of time, climate and other affecting conditions in the building and creating soft landscaping. This type of landscaping can be seen in residential or housing developments and including building parks and small public spaces. Hard landscaping, on the other hand, involves non-living elements such as concrete and unchanging structures like paving, fences, gazebos, and walkways. Landscape designers in Sydney are selectively commissioned to create soft landscaping complementing hard landscaping elements. Performance area like the Sydney Opera landscaping is a good presentation of combined soft and hard landscaping.

How landscaping designers work

A landscaping designer will have an initial conference with his clients to discuss all the requirements of landscaping. He takes site surveys in order to determine the potentials of the space and if it will suit the client’s expectations. After the surveys, he begins the works by preparing and presenting design plans as well as computer-aided working drawings. He then will complete the landscaping visuals and all the applications including environmental assessments. He will work closely with other professionals in completing the projects and then provide evidence in public inquiries.

Here are some of Sydney’s outstanding landscaping designs

  1. Paddington Reservoirs in the City of Sydney
  2. Ballast Point Sydney Harbor
  3. National Arboretum
  4. Victoria Park in Zetland Sydney
  5. One Central Park, Sydney
  6. Royal Botanical Garden

These beautiful gardens and outstanding Landscape design is a product of solid and unique artistry and an affirmation that the industry is heading towards a good direction.

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